æ creative was formed in reaction to a lifelong call - to rebel against normal, reject routine and challenge the status-quo of traditional thinking. To pursue the work of connecting design and technology to create inspirational and effective communication.

This combination of technology + design is what became the DNA of the company and has been the catalyst of its success, positively influencing and creating brands around the world since the company's inception in 1998.

Our philosophy is simple - the output is only ever as good as the input. We consider input to be active listening, research into the product, the market and the competition, and the time we put into each and every project to produce outstanding results.

It also means we are active within the industry, helping to create inspiration through organising conferences, industry groups, art shows, and fostering the next generation of talent by lecturing at Sunshine Coast University.

Brian Keayes
email: brian@aecreative.com.au
phone: +61 (0)44 888 4840

La Balsa Business Centre
Level 6, 45 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba